Postojna Cave Park


The most captivating cave in the world and the largest show cave in Europe! While touring the 24-kilometre-long cave system, you will get to feel the magic of the underground world and experience a one-of-a-kind ride on Postojna Cave's underground train.

From the magical depths of Postojna Cave make your way to the fairytale world of knights. The Predjama Castle is another must-see Postojna Cave Park attraction – a veritable medieval miracle, perched in the middle of a rocky cliff for 800 years. Its unique location makes it one of ten most fascinating castles in the world. 



Škocjan Caves


The park is located in the classical Karst and is a true open-air museum. Here you can acquaint yourself with distinctive aboveground and subterranean karst phenomena, the most characteristic example of which is unequivocally the Škocjan Caves (Škocjanske jame) system with its unique natural values. The area is renowned for its exceptional archaeological finds, pioneering explorations of the Karst underground, and rich natural and cultural heritage. Your stay in the park can be short or last several days, and can even include a visit to the Reka River basin in all its diversity.


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