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royally spoiled

Once upon a time in Slovenia there was a very spoiled queen. She indulged herself in pleasures and enjoyed life and everything her little green kingdom had to offer. Have yourself royally spoiled and discover the greatest treasure life has to offer – health.

A quality and healthy life means that we are in balance, in harmony with nature and haver healthy lifestyle. It is our personal responsibility to take care of ourselves and afford a good rest for the body. A peaceful nature, healthy nutrition and green surroundings, relaxing wellness centers and various massages will restore your vitality.

Within 8 days you will be able to: 

· Balance your body, accumulate new energies, improve quality of life and rejuvenate your appearance

· After a day in the quiet woods, you will relax and equip yourself with a knowledge of stress management techniques that can be used in everyday life

·  Indulge yourself in pampering and renew your energy away from everyday hustle in unique natural Spa Lepa Vida

· Let the harmonic sounds of the vessels calm the soul into the entire nervous system in the most appropriate way

· Try Salt therapy which is one of the most effective method for your skin, nose and lungs

· Have you ever been hovering? This is simply the most effective anti-stress and relaxation tool available.


· 7 nights accommodation with breakfast in 3* hotels

· Meals (lunch & dinner) according to the itinerary

· Degustation of wine and homemade products according the itinerary

· Fee entrances and tickets according to the itinerary

· City tax

· Transfer

· Tour guide

Not included:

· Beverages 

· Flights


Day 1

Arrival at hotel and accommodation. Dinner in the restaurant located just few minutes away.


Day 2

After the breakfast we will go to Maribor to Salt room where we will try Salt therapy or halotherapy. The main task of a dry salt aerosol is to clean and disinfect the respiratory system and skin. After delicious lunch we will go to hotel Lendava. Right next to the Terme Lendava Hotel complex, there is a park full of relaxing and healing energy. Walking through his energy points will restore your vitality and improve your well-being, while also having a beneficial effect on some health problems. Dinner at Restaurant.


Day 3

After the breakfast we will go to Wellness Orhidelia. Orhidelia over a decade ago, opened its mighty doors to the world of thermal pleasures, to a world where nature and architecture blend into symbiosis. Our daily  visit includes bathing and saunas at the Wellness Center Orhidelija and Termalija, lunch at the Pomum Restaurant and a unique massage, which is a result of the knowledge of top masseurs and physiotherapists. It is the result of a comprehensive understanding of the human body and the balance of Ying and Yang. After dinner we will move towards Kamnik MD Hotel.

Image by Art Rachen

Day 4

After breakfast, we will head towards Geos Adventure Park, enjoying the embrace of the forest. Together we will walk, perform breathing exercises, test stress management techniques, stroll along the forest sensory paths, develop our senses, and drink tea from carefully selected seasonal flowers. They strengthen the immune system. Like the reborn, we will drive to Mozirje where we will have lunch. After lunch, we have prepared a luxurious honey massage for you. Honey, as the main ingredient, maintains the reliability of skin elasticity, and inhibits the aging process. After the massage, the skin is restored, smooth in youthful freshness. Honey acts as a miracle elixir of youth that nourishes your skin. Indulge yourself in the energy of honey into the honeymoon world. Honey massage is recommended for headache, depression, sleep problems and chronic fatigue. Dinner at the near restaurant.


Day 5

After breakfast we will head towards Sunny Studio Wellness. The concept of treatments combines the foundations of techniques from around the world with modern approaches and purpose: to harmonize the internal and external beauty of your body. We wil spend there all day relaxing in the world of saunas. And after dinner we wil head back to the hotel. 


Day 6

After the breakfast we will go to the The hovering chamber. This is a relaxing, safe and comfortable place where you can achieve the highest quality states of consciousness. The chamber gives you complete peace,  relaxation, eliminates fatigue, works anti-stress and painkiller and fills you with energy. After the delicious lunch we go to sound therapy. This is an increasingly common form of alternative treatment as more and more people are realising that sound, with its vibration, can easily break the blockage, congestion into trauma. After we will move to Ankaran. Dinner at the restaurant located just few minute away. 


Day 7

In the morning after breakfast, we will head to the Bio Energy Park Salinera, located on the Slovenian coast. The Energy Park contains 12 energy points that have a positive effect on improving mental and physical well-being. Walking and meditating, or just sitting in the park awakens your body, clears your mind, and connects you with a sense of gratitude and positive thoughts. Next comes time for a delicious seafood lunch at a nearby restaurant. After lunch we head to Lepa Vida, where we have a special experience of traditional thalasso therapies in a unique natural environment in the middle of salt fields. Dinner at the near restaurant.


Day 8

Breakfast and departure.

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