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Our hotels are also a second home and a place to make friends among teammates. People are the basis for our success. Starting from the most important job of our housekeepers, which is keeping the hotel clean and neat, to our chef that keeps our and your tummies full and therefore happy, to the friendly faces at the front desk welcoming you, and the person who serves that first coffee of the day to make your morning.

These are the people you will meet when you come stay with us. And then there is the team behind the scenes, making sure things run smoothly and holds the joints of the operation together, the sales team, the hotel managers and finally the head of our small family, the general manager. Each person brings a colourful palette of experiences to the table, each with a story, each with a unique background.

And each of us responsible for your enjoyable stay and one of a kind experience of staying in any of our hotels. 

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