The history of the Lipica Stud Farm is so rich that it tells thousands of different stories with cultural and natural heritage.

All of them are woven around breeding pure-bred Lipizzan horses which gave an indelible mark to the appearance of Lipica as we know it today.


The history of the Stud farm and Lipizzan horses is closely intertwined with the Habsburgs who ruled as many as 650 years over an extensive part of baroque Europe.  Horses, the Spanish horse was considered an ideal breed, were at the time a crucial strategic advantage and were thus of outstanding importance.

A visit to the stud farm is a special experience. Find out everything you wanted to know about Lipica and the Lipizzan horse. Make friends with them, and with their dark foals. Many centuries ago, a story of love, pride, and beauty began at the green Lipica estate. This new show of the Lipica Classical Riding School narrates the story of the exceptional stud farm heritage, the white Lipizzan horse, and its connection to the rider.


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