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Culinary specialities of four geographically very different areas are an excellent reason to visit Slovenia, one of the most sustainability-oriented countries and the first to receive the title of the Global Green Destination.


Wine production is a part of history as well as the modern everyday life of Slovenia. It began with the Celts in the 3rd and 4th centuries BC, when wine-growing was thriving at the time of the Roman Empire. Even our anthem “Zdravljica” is a toast.


Let us give you a hint: wine consumption in Slovenia is around 42 litres per capita per year and is among the highest in the world. The venerable Old Vine is almost 450 years old, and you can admire it by the Drava River in Lent in Maribor. It is our “well-kept secret”, which surprises even the greatest wine connoisseurs.

'Our food is like Slovenia: diverse and interesting. Welcome to the European Region of Gastronomy 2021.'

- Ana Roš, Best Female Chef 2017

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